Welcome to DSpace, Koha & Drupal LiveCD:

ARD Prasad
DRTC, Indian Statistical Institute, Bangalore, India
Dr. Sunita Barve
National Chemical Laboratory, Pune, India

This release of LibLiveCD is configured using Lubuntu 12.04 (LTS),DSpace 3.1, Koha 3.10.04 and Drupal 7.20.

DSpace Classic Interface (http://localhost/jspui)
DSpace Manakin Interface (http://localhost/xmlui)
Dspace Admin login: dspace@localhost
Password: library

DSpace BaseURL: http://localhost/oai/request
DSpace OAI Identify
DSpace OAI ListRecords

NOTE: As tomcat is integrated with apache you do not have to use port number like 8080. Another advantage is: even if your firewall blocks 8080 port, your DSpace can be accesed through port 80 of apache. LiveCD can even send mails, if you are running on a machine with Internet IP number and not behind firewalls.

Koha admin (http://localhost/kohaadmin)
Koha Opac (http://localhost/opac)

Koha admin Login: kohaadmin
Koha admin password: library

Koha OAI
Koha OAI BaseURL: http://localhost:9000/cgi-bin/koha/oai.pl
NOTE: OAI works only after you have configured koha using kohaadmin and OAI-PMH enabled

Koha SRW


Drupal 7
Install Drupal

Run Drupal

Drupal Database Name:drupal7 ; Drupal User Name:drupal ; Drupal Database Password :library

Web Mail Client
You may try: Login: dspace
password: library

NOTE: This mail client uses exim4 mail server and gets mail through dovecoat IMAP server. Dovecat can facilitate accessing your mail using any of the mail clients like evolution, thunderbird, outlook express etc. If your organization has firewall, read Further Configuration and talk to your network administrators.

Multi-Lingual Input: Ibus

a) click in the startup --> System Tools --> Ibus
b) You will see an icon with character 'i' in the right hand side bottom. Clik it to configure c) Choose Preferences and in Preferences choose "Advanced" menu, tick "Share the same input method among all applications"
d) Choose the "Input Method" menu, tick "Customize active input methods"
When you click "Select an input method". You will see scores of languages, you may select any number of languages and various input methods against each langauge.
DO NOT forget to click "ADD" button after the selection of any language.
IMPORTANT: Add "English" also to your languages
Close the window
e) Go to your application, where you wish to input and keep the mouse cursor in the place where you wish to enter information. Press "Alt+Shift" to keep on changing the language. You can see the ibus icon in the right hand side bottom tray displaying a character in the chosen language. If you wish come back to "English" keep on pressing "Alt+Shift" until you see English in ibus icon. Restart IBus if it does not work properly.

If you wish to input data in a language other than English you can use IBus Input Method.

Logins and Passwords for shell, mysql etc.

password for dspace: library
password for koha: library
password for kohaadmin:library (web access)
Login for mysql admin user:root ; Password: library
Login for drupal:database; drupal7 ; user:drupal, password:library

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Further Configuration
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